Disquiet in Nigeria Immigration over alleged plot to further elongate DCG Anyalechi’s tenure

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There is disquiet in the Nigeria Immigration Service over alleged plot to further elongate the tenure of the Deputy Comptroller General (DCG), Directorate of Passport and Other Travel Documents, Mrs Modupe Anyalechi.

DCG Anyalechi, who was said to have attained her retirement age on May 17, 2022, is still in the service six months after and plot is allegedly being made to ensure her stay in the service till June, 2023.

Rule 020411 of the Federal Government Public Service Rules provides that “Retired officers may only be re-engaged into career posts on grade levels immediately below that on which they retired.”

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A source told WazobiaReporters that the DCG was using her close link with a top shot in the Ministry of Interior to elongate her stay in the office.

“She refused to retire because of backing from Ministry of Interior.

After spending extra six months in office, she is going to be given another six months extension from November 17, 2022.

“This is not minding the difficulty Nigerians are facing Don’t to get passport, which her direct responsibility,” a concerned staff of the Ministry of Interior told WazobiaReporters.

“The question is, under which law is someone who ought to have retired since May 17, 2022 still being kept in the service? Is it under the Civil Service Rules or Immigration Act?

“Presidency and the National Assembly must have to intervene and rescue the Immigration Service,” another staff said.

  1. Princess says

    If its a man , it would be okay to elongate their tenure. Now it’s a woman all hell is let loose .
    There is no disquiet.. stop spreading Fake News

  2. Minista says

    Which fake news, I,m living abroad but my brother is an immigration officer at the headquarters Abuja, which I use to be at his office anytime I’m in Nigeria….. I know this woman by face and I’m aware her tenure was extended for 6months no body raced eye brown but for another 6months nba ooo

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