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Banyankole, A Tribe Where Bride’s Aunt Tests Groom’s Libido

Banyankole is a tribe in Uganda in East Africa where marriage is of great importance to the family. There is a great attachment to sex in the tribe, just as parents derive joy and pride from their children’s marriage within the tribe.

According to the tradition of the Banyankole tribe, virginity in this culture is held in high esteem so the girls must abstain from premarital sex.

When a girl gets to the age of eight or nine, it is the duty of her aunt to groom her for expected family life.

The Banyankole tribe considers the slim physique unattractive. To them, fat is simply sexy. So when girls get to the ages eight and nine, they are required to go through a fattening process. This is usually done to speed up the weight gain of the girls so they can attract a husband.

The Banyakole marriage involves several ceremonies, including a giveaway period know as “Kuhingira” where the relatives and friends of the bride present her with gifts such as cows and other food items to take to her matrimonial home.

On the wedding day, a feast is organised at the bride’s home in the Banyankole tribe where the father is to slaughter a bull, while at the groom’s home, there is also a feast to consummate the marriage.

However, there must first be one last traditional ceremony before the eventual and ultimate marriage ceremony. This involves tests that must be done by the bride’s aunt.

It involves the bride’s aunt testing the sexual ability of the groom by having sex with him. This is to make sure that the groom is potent.

During the act, the aunt learns all the sex tricks of the groom as well as his favourite styles so she can gift her niece with pointers on what the goom likes sexually.

After confirmation is done the bride is then taught by her aunt and allowed to consummate the marriage by being sent by her aunt to the husband with her blessings.

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