Osun Kidnap Saga: A Debt Collection Gone Awry

Contrary to the information by the Osun state police command that some men of Department of State Services (DSS) were arrested for kidnapping, investigation has revealed that what happened was a debt collection that went sour.

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Sources hinted that on 28 December 2021, three staff of the NSCDC met a gold merchant customer who they have been patronizing of shortchanged during their transactions with him.

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After much argument, the gold merchant agreed to settle the N100,000 shortfall which they accused him off. He was later left off the hook and his neighbors who witnessed when he was arrested thought he was kidnapped.

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It was at this stage that Osun state police command that already had an axe to grind with the DSS joined the fray and indicted the DSS during a parade and accused four of its men of kidnapping.

Sources within the state police command said there were inconsistencies in the account of police during the so called parade that shows that the whole thing was a set up to paint the DSS black.

First, the account of four DSS men as reported by some media was outright falsehood. It was only one DSS that joined the three NSDSC to collect the debt.

Second, even the officer has been released without pressing any charges against him because the whole thing was premeditated.
Third, why did the Osun police command not inform the DSS that one of its men was in custody before the parade? There ought to be inter agency cooperation and coordination to rid the security agencies of bad eggs in the system without compromising security of lives and property. All these are indications that there exists deep seated animosity against the DSS because of some unresolved issues and vendetta.

The source said there was a case of female inspector of police who held a birthday bash and argument ensued after some of her men who came to celebrate with her were drunk. During the scuffle that ensued thereafter, one of his men who was already drunk fell and died three days after the incident because he was not properly treated. The Osun Police was later to accused a DSS officer who was at the birthday of murder.

As the source puts it, “Apart from vendetta, Osun Police Command use to do shoddy investigation. That was why the Adedoyin’s case was taken from them by the Force Headquarters. You will noticed a lot of inconsistencies during the preliminary stage of the case when the OAUTHC counters the PPRO when she said the corpse of late Timothy Adegoke has been taken the teaching hospital for autopsy, despite the information to the contrary.”


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