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Prince Wale Gomez: The Wave Making Peace Ambassador Of The Lagos PDP, By Comrade Adekunle Sodehinde

Lagos State remains the only state in the entire South West where PDP has never produced a Governor.

The party’s best was producing about five House Of Representatives members in 2015 and same with the State House of Assembly. Most of the elected House of Assembly members later decamped to the APC, leaving only, Hon. Dipo Olorunrinnu (Talk and Do) from Amuwo Odofin.

The House of Representatives members all stayed in the party and most of them were not returned due to ego game amongst party members. The problem of in-fighting has done more harm than good to the Lagos State PDP. Enough of all these for God sake!

Why is the Lagos PDP always enmeshed in intra party squabbles instead of facing our common enemy, the APC? Is it that members don’t understand the benefits of having their own people in government? What has been the benefits of most of these in-fightings? How does the party intend to address the issue of mobilising more people into the party considering the influx of a lot of once committed party members into the APC?

These and many more are bothering issues that we have noticed that Prince Wale Gomez is tactically handling and resolving. This highly gifted ‘Omoluabi’ of Lagos State is indeed a pride not just to the Lagos State PDP but to all concerned true change agents in Lagos State. For real, the Lagos State needs and deserves a radical change. Power must change hands as soon as possible. Enough of all these stealings by trick!

The phenomenal Prince Wale Gomez is presently being seen as the Liberator of Lagos and its good people from the age long captivity of the ‘mighty’. Past election results were basically determined by the very steadfast and loyal members of the Lagos State PDP. Also, a lot of suffering Lagosians who have been tortured physically, emotionally and spiritually are all sincerely yearning for this highly needed change. Lagos State is winnable the moment we all bury our egos and work as members of the same PDP family. The moment we all go all out and spread the gospel on the urgent need for power to change hands and be free from the grips of this modern day slave traders.

Prince Wale Gomez, who a lot has been comparing to the late matyr, Engr. Funsho Williams, in many ways via his mission, passion and dispositions is believed to have come to redeem and conclude the aborted emancipation mission of the late Engr. Funsho Williams.

Prince Wale Gomez is a thoroughbred Lagosian with centuries of rich family history. His lineage are deeply rooted in the Lagos Island area, spreading across Catholic Mission Street, Igbosere and Bamgbose quarters of Eko… ar’omisa legbelegbe. He is indeed an epitome of a true Lagosian – ‘Omo Onile, Olona…’ and ‘Omo Eko Atata’. He’s an Alumni of the prestigious St. Gregory College, Lagos Island. He’s an erudite academician and astute Business Man who boasts of cognitive trainings across the United States of America and Europe with PGD,FCIM, in his kitty.

Prince Wale Gomez has been meticulously nurturing and monitoring his mission to liberating Lagosians via feasible and affordable welfare schemes that are targeted at restoring Lagos State to it’s old glorious status of ‘Small London’. He’s tirelessly been mobilising human and material supports for the success and progress of the party both at home and abroad. He has been a life long member of PDP in UK before moving back to Lagos. He’s the brains behind the following groups;
1. The Rebuild Nigeria Initiative;
2. ‘Iya yi to l’Eko’;
3. ‘Gomez for Governor’ (G4G);
4. Wale Gomez Movement etc are few of the vibrant, robust and wide spread network of platforms via which he’s been reaching out to his ever growing followers and supporters.

Prince Wale Gomez naturally commands inexhaustible lists of contacts, clients, partners and associates across the globe. He sits on top of some high end blue chip companies that are doing really good in the business market:

1. CEO, Oylex Petroleum Limited;

2. CEO, Legends Care Agency Limited, London, UK;

3. Principal Partner at HCA Nigeria Limited (A Big time Player in Facility Management)

4. Chairman/CEO, Quant Capital Limited (A private equity firm with core investment in Real Estate and Technologies).

The tasks ahead is to unify everybody and ensure that we are all on the same page that indeed, Lagos is winnable if we all work as members of the same PDP family.

Comrade Adekunle Sodehinde is the Coordinator, The Lagos PDP Radical Youths

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