The loss of democracy in United States, a pity to the people’s will, By: Simon Maiwada

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United Stayes, the auspices under which all other countries of the world rests, has been in shambles since the last Presidential election was held on the 3rd of November, 2020.

At a speedergear, the refusal of President Donald J. Trump to concede defeat to Joe Biden as the pronounced outcome of the election is another monumental impediment worthy of note, as this to a considerable extent will determine the future fate of democracy in the U.S and in the world at large.

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On legal grounds and in order with the American constitution, if the congress in collaborative efforts with the senate were able to detect factual evidence of frauds and other electoral misconducts, it is embedded with the power to have canceled the election and conduct the votes by themselves in the house. The outcome of this practice would have determine the right winner of the election.

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Consequently, if the strives of the American congress in collaborative efforts with the senate to invalidate and reject the electoral outcome is frustrated, protest will do the Americans nothing good but would rather elongate the spread of anarchism in the U.S.

Conclusively, the quo President elect, Joe Bien should beware that if the constitutional roadmap of election in American is violated and rubbished to suit his emergence as the President, U.S should be ready loose several of its virtues to other rising countries that were already aiming to takeover the world power.

Also, the U.S in its entirety should beware that they are the watchdog to other nations and with this misapprehended abracadabra, the consequential effects will cause a lifetime harm(s) to the glory the nation has been entangled with from the onset.

Indeed, democracy (worldwide) is lost.

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