Lagos Ibile Forum Writes On Selection of New LASU VC

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In less thsn a week from today 7/1/2021 the current Vice Chancellor of Lagos State University (LASU) Professor Olanrewaju Adigun Fagbohungbe, would have completed his tenure in office and his successor would soon have to step in that position. However, the State Government is yet to announce who the successor will be.

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Issues have been raised on various platforms as to who the successor will be. As the President of IBILE FORUM, I hereby state our position for consideration and for informed decision making.

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From all indications, it is believed that the Seven members of the Joint Governing Council and Senate Selection Committee are credible individuals worthy of their positions in the University.

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By this I mean that each of the seven members of the joint Selection Committee is worth his/her salt in terms of integrity, comportment, objectivity and very enlightened on the criteria to be considered for the assessment of the prospective Vice Chancellor.

As regards those that were interviewed, I commend LASU for the recognition of all and sundry i.e. indegens and citizens of Lagos State that had put in their efforts in making LASU what it is today.

Going further, IBILE FORUM is made to understand that the outcome of the interview is as follows.

In 1st position is Professor Olumuyiwa Odusanya with a score of 90%.

2nd is Professor Senapon Bakare with a score of 72.5%

3rd is Professor Kabir Akinyemi with 68.8%

4th position is Professor Olatunji-Bello 68%, and

5th position is Professor Muyiwa Awofodu with a score of 65%.

Given the above ratings, it is clear that the Joint Governing Council and Senate Selection Committee of LASU performed well in their assignment in the following areas.

i) It gave consideration to all eligible citizens and indigenes of Lagos State in LASU for appointment to the position of Vice Chancellor

ii) The Selection Committee members are bona fide qualified members capable in all ramifications to handle the assignment.

iii) The joint Selection Committee had completed their given assignments credibly and without any bias.

iv) The outcome of their assessment is already provided.

In assessing the outcome of the interviews, it can be observed that the professor that came first, Professor Olumuyiwa Odusanya, with 90% is, in all indications, far more qualified than all the others for being appointed as Vice Chancellor of LASU.

This is more pronounced by the fact that he led the second in position to him by a high 7.5%.

The difference is very much and appears inconceivable that his performance should be overturned in favour of anyone else in the group.

To do this is to discredit the integrity and sound mindedness of all the members of the Joint Committee and indeed cast aspersions on the entire LASU institution.


Consequently, my appeal to all concerned is to speak with one voice and allow fair play, justice, merit and equity to take preeminent position on this matter. Moreover, it is better for us to build an institution with its acceptable procedural unbiased pattern and scheme of operation than engage in haphazard ways of doing things in its succession plans and executions.

The IBILE FORUM appeal is hereby made to the authorities that be i.e. Mr. Governor of Lagos State Babajide Sanwoolu and his Cabinet, to please endeavour to give honour to whom honour is due by appointing Professor Olumuyiwa Odusanya as the next Vice Chancellor of Lagos State University.

Itesiwaju Ipinle Eko, ajumo şe wa ni.

Chief Dr. Mrs. Margaret Folashade Adeyemo

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