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Memo to Fayemi and his killers – you can only hide for now… By Lere Olayinka

Just like it happened during the first tenure of Dr Kayode Fayemi Governor of Ekiti State, Ekiti has become a land where people are attacked and killed like fowls.

Thugs are being sponsored by the State Govt against perceived opposition figures.

On the night of Saturday, October 24, 2020, that GNN Guest House, Ado Ekiti was invaded by armed thugs, the primary target was me.

The thugs fired gunshots at the room that they believed I was. They shot at TV sets, refrigerators, doors, etc.

They ended up abducting a former member of Ekiti State House of Assembly, who is the owner of the Guest House, Dayo Akinleye (Dayo Maxima), Ariyo Afolabi and three others. They were first taken to the Govt House where they received instruction to take their victims to the Police HQ.

As expected, the police who did not know who brought the five people, detained them till Wednesday that they were brought to court with trump up charges. The assailants are yet to be arrested till date.

Unknown to the thugs, they were captured by CCTV cameras.

As I write, the thugs, Dele Omojola (Marshal), Folusho Paul, Adenijo Olushola (Solar) and others are being housed in one of the Charlets close to the Govt House Clinic, Ekiti State Govt House, Ado Ekiti.

I am aware that the thugs were mobilised to carry out the attack of last Saturday by Fayemi’s Chief of Staff, Biodun Omoleye.

Biodun Omoleye gave the thugs N150,000 to kill myself, Dayo Maxima, Ariyo Afolabi and others.

Let me recall that between October 16, 2010 and October 16, 2014 that Fayemi was governor of Ekiti State then, the following persons were killed by thugs sponsored by the govt:

1. Chief Adeleye Awolumate – November 15, 2010

2. Kehinde Fajuyi and Michael Ipinlaye – March 23, 2011

3. Yusuf Teslim Abiola – October 09, 2012

4. Ayo Murphy Jeje and Madam Julianah Adewumi – March 31, 2013

5. Foluso Ogundare – November 03, 2013

6. Akinola Taiwo – June 09, 2014

7. Chief Omolafe Aderiye – Sept 25, 2014

Two years after Fayemi returned to office as governor, Ekiti is witnessing the same state sponsored killings and attack just as it was during his first tenure.

Before the last Saturday assassination attempt at GNN Guest House, Fayemi’s thugs, led by a certain Rotimi Olanbiwonu (Mentilo) shot dead one Prince Sunday Ogunleye at Oke Ureje area of Ado Ekiti last Tuesday. Sunday Ogunleye has since been buried in his Odo Ayedun Ekiti hometown.

As per the motive of Fayemi’s thugs at GNN Guest House last Saturday, the State Publicity Secretary of APC, Ade Ajayi, unknowingly gave them out in his press statement of Sunday, October 25, 2020.

Ade Ajayi said: “Security agents were able to nip their plan in the bud by bursting the GNN Guest House where Maxima was picked up, while Lere Olayinka escaped and he is still on the run.”

The gun-wielding thugs captured in the CCTV footages that we have made public were the ones Ekiti APC Spokesman described as SECURITY AGENTS.

The blood-sucking demon in Ade Ajayi and his killers in the APC pushed him to issue a statement, defending killers who invaded GNN House, wielding TWO PUMP GUNS and other dangerous weapons, and calling the security agents.

Up till today, Fayemi and his killers gang still carry on with the belief that I, Olalere Omo Olayinka-Tenibiaje was at GNN Guest House on Saturday, October 24, 2020. They believed that I escaped mysteriously.

Of course, for every evil plot against me, I will always escape mysteriously because he who watches over me will neither slumber nor sleep. He will continue to save me from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover me with his feathers, and under his wings I will find refuge; his faithfulness will be my shield and rampart.

I will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday. A thousand may fall at my side, ten thousand at my right hand, but it will not come near me. I will only observe with my eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.

As for me, Olalere Adisa Omo Olayinka-Tenibiaje, I’m where I am. I fear no one, not even Fayemi himself.

I was not created to be afraid of anyone. I was also not brought up to be afraid to speak. That is why we are called “Ọmọ Olúmosè a tìkùn àyà wiràn’ (one who speaks his mind not minding the consequences) in my family.

I am also a friend of the Irunmales of Oke Agbonna in Okemesi Ekiti. The Irunmales of Oke Agbonna protect the sons and daughters of Okemesi Ekiti. Ọ̀nimọ̀nà protects us. Olúa protects us.

Orò and Ìtá protect the sons and daughters of Ọ̀dọ̀fin in Okemesi Ekiti.

Most importantly, my ORI (head) protects me. My Ori knows that:

Mi o m’ofun, mi o m’ogbe, k’aye o ye ni ni emi nfe.

My Ori also knows that:

O difa fun Okanleniriwo Irunmole
Won nlo sode Apere
Atefun-tefun eyin oni
Awo Ori lo difa fun Ori
Ori nlo s’ode Apere
Won ni ki won sakaale ebo ni sise
Ori nikan nikan ni nbe leyin ti nsebo
Ebo Ori waa da ladaju
Nje Ori gbona j’Orisa
Ori ma gbona j’Orisa
Ori nikan-nikan lo ko won l’Apeere
Ko si Orisa to to nii gbe
Leyin Ori eni
Ori gbona j’Orisa

#English Translation:

Who prints the chalk on the back of crocodile
He was the Awo who cast Ifa for the 401 Irunmole
When going to Apere (a state of perfection)
He who prints the chalk on the back of crocodile
The Awo of Ori who cast Ifa for Ori
When Ori was going to Apere
They were all advised to offer sacrifice
Only Ori responded by offering the sacrifice
The sacrifice of Ori had been abundantly rewarded
Ori is higher then all Orisa (deities)
It is only Ori which reaches Apere, the perfect state
No other Orisa (deity) can give support
Outside of one’s Ori
Ori is higher than all Orisa (deities).
So I am here, waiting for that day that they will use the same weapons they want to use against me to kill themselves. Idà ahun ni a fií pa ahun (it is tortoise sword that is used to kill tortoise).

However, let me state this clearly, those who know BIODUN OMOLEYE should tell him to continue. He should not stop ooo. Let him keep providing money for killers in Ekiti.

John Kayode Fayemi too should keep shielding the killers. He should keep providing accommodation for them in the Government House. He should keep smiling in the public and sponsoring killers against Ekiti people in his closet.

We won’t stop talking.

My name is Lere Olayinka. I am from Okemesi Ekiti, the land of the brave. The land of Fabunmi Abe Oraralada.

When my forefathers were rescuing Ekitiland from slavery, their forefathers were probably busy drinking palmwine and burukutu.

We keep moving. Only those who seek to kill us will die miserably.

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