‘How Many Nigerians Have Cars, Generators?’: Presidency Defends Petrol Hike

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The Presidency has continued to defend the recent hike in petrol prices, as spokesman Garba Shehu on Friday questioned how many Nigerians benefit from low fuel charges.

The Buhari administration earlier this year put in motion plans to cut out fuel subsidy and deregulate the petroleum downstream sector.

Since then, prices of petrol have fallen, in line with a dip in international demand attributed to the coronavirus pandemic.


However, in September, the price of petrol went up, sparking outrage among many Nigerians.

Some have blamed the government for allowing the prices to rise even as many Nigerians are still dealing with the effects of the pandemic.

On Friday, during an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Mr Shehu argued that it is unfair for poor Nigerians to continue to subsidise the lifestyle of urban dwellers.

“We belong to a global market system,” Mr Shehu said. “We are buying, mostly, refined products from the international markets.

“Is it fair that the taxpayer’s money . . . how many Nigerians have cars anyway? How many of them run generators in their homes that they need this fuel for? Is it fair that the farmer and the herder and all of these low-level people in our society, that the taxpayer money is taken from them and is subsidising the lifestyle of our city, urban dwellers?

Channels TV

“So the President is just trying to be as practical as possible on this matter.”

  1. Hammed Gafar says

    If Mr. Garba Shehu said this as quoted, then there’s no doubting the fact that State House opulence has completely beclouded his sense of reasoning. He is thousands of kilometers far away from the reality of the lives of the masses of this country.

    There’s time for everything.
    If the government you are representing is truly clueless there’s no need adding to our woes by your unguided outbursts. Shior!

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