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Bayelsa APC files for stay of execution, tells supporters not to Panic

Bayelsa APC files for stay of execution, tells supporters not to Panic

The Bayelsa State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Thursday assured its supporters not to panic or be perturbed about the Federal High judgement, which nullified the party’s governorship primary election.

Reacting to the court judgement while addressing newsmen yesterday at the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Press Centre, Yenagoa, the Alternate Director-General of the David Lyon/Degi Campaign Organisation, Prof Seiyefa Brisibe, flanked by the state party chairman Mr Jothan Amos and a member of House of Representatives, Mr. Preye Oseke, the party has appealed the judgement and filed a stay of execution.

He said: “We woke up to hear that a High Court Judge said APC primaries were not conducted well that therefore they are cancelled. It is baffling, but we are assuring all Bayelsans that this opportunity we should not miss it that we should move forward and do not give any thought any moment of sleeplessness night, why, the judgment is a judgement that is given by a lower court and the processes are clear, we have appealed, we have filed for a stay of execution, which our lawyers have done.

“We have appealed and filed for a stay of execution, another issue we should not be perturbed is that if you look at the contents of the judgement even a layman like me a medical professional, will know that is flawed at least all of us know that the court is not supposed to be a father Christmas and can never be a father Christmas.

“The issues, in this case, is that one of the aspirants requested that the process was conducted properly, judiciously, freely, fairly and that he is the winner and therefore should be declared the winner. The complainant did not say that the processes were flawed, he did not request that the election should be nullified, here we see the judge saying the election should be nullified.

This brings one thing to mind, could this judgement be procured? Could this be a procured judgement? In my heart, I know that as we appeal, it will be clear that this is one of that procured judgement because as we go up this judgement can never stand.

“Our opponents are very jittery because of the acceptance of our candidate by all Bayelsans. We are reassuring every well-meaning Bayelsa not to panic, do not be perturbed, do not worry, our candidate is fully and squarely on the ballot we have done what is procedural to see that that judgement does not stand.”


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