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 APC afraid of its lying past, failed present, bleak future – Fayose’s aide

Special Assistant to Ekiti State Governor on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka has said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) was afraid of what he described as its “lying past, failed present and bleak future.”

Olayinka, who was reacting to a statement from the APC national secretariat, yesterday, accusing him of spreading fake news about the party, said; “Even though I did not circulate any news that is fake against the APC and its clueless government, a political party that got to power by lying to the people and still telling lies to sustain its hold on power does not have moral rights to accuse anyone of lying against it.”

The governor aide said the APC should rather speak up against the hardship foisted on the people by its government’s instead of devoting its time and resources into addressing a single individual who was only exposing the cluelessness of the APC government.

He said; “Today, Nigerians are suffering because of fuel scarcity that the APC government caused in its bid to increase pump price of petrol from N145 to N185 per litre.  Already, petrol is being sold at as high as N300 in most places and one can still recollect what the APC said in March 2014 when there was fuel scarcity. Isn’t it funny that the same APC that championed the opposition to fuel price increment is now silent when the federal government is trying to hike the price for the second time in less than twenty months?”

While describing the APC as a party of people suffering from Acquired Lying Syndrome (ALS), Olayinka said; “Nigerians know the purveyor of lies. They know the party that lied to them to seize power and still lying to sustain it. Nigerians know those who packaged that ridiculous lie of someone trekking from Lagos to Abuja because of President Muhammadu Buhari’s electoral victory.

“Most importantly, Nigerians know that party of liars, whose presidential candidate had an interview with Kemi Fadojutimi of ‘All Eyes on Africa’ TV show in suite 881 at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja, but released pictures to the media, claiming that the interview was held in London.

“Therefore, the APC as a party should rather treat itself of Acquired Lying Syndrome and stop seeking to label others as its colleagues in the business of lying.”

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