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29 Injured as explosion Rocks New York

An explosion from a suspected bomb in a trashcan ripped through Manhattan on Saturday night leaving at least 29 people injured – and police are investigating a second suspected bomb in a pressure cooker.

us1 us2Terrifying CCTV footage shows the blast ripping through New York’s affluent Chelsea neighborhood at around 8.30pm on Saturday night.

The Office of the Deputy Commissioner Public Information (DCPI) exclusively told DailyMail.com the video was ‘confirmed amateur video footage from incident location’.

The blast on 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue is believed to have come from a dumpster and was the result of ‘an intentional act’, according to the NYPD.

Although Mayor Bill de Blasio has claimed there’s no connection to terrorism, the incident follows the pipe bombing of a military fun-run in New Jersey hours earlier. No one was injured in that attack.

De Blasio also admitted the explosion was ‘intentionally’ set off, suggesting the intent was to injure people in an attack on Manhattan. All the victims including an eight-year-old boy have minor injuries, except one who is in critical condition.

The FBI and NYPD Counterterrorism Unit are investigating but there is no confirmation on what caused the blast yet.

Witness Chris Duffy originally tweeted the photo of a destroyed dumpster and said it was the source of the blast.

The NYPD has taken precautions by increasing security across the city following the blast Saturday night.

President Barack Obama was briefed on the situation following his remarks at the Black Congressional Caucus Gala.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was also briefed on the incident.

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